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Philippe Bonfanti Golf

Giving You the Tools and Knowledge to Improve.

“Philippe has travelled the world coaching golf on three continents, this includes at a major championship. He has assisted in training his fellow professionals at seminars around the world. He is an expert, and in my mind one of the top coaches in the world.” Andy Plummer


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A blog for all golf enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy the read.

Book Lessons

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Golf lessons that enable you to play better golf and enjoy the game


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Philippe Bonfanti is a golf performance specialist who will help you play your best golf

SAM Puttlab

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The Puttlab is one of the most innovative tools used to analyse and practice putting


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Enabling tomorrow’s champions by developing committed golfers and mature young individuals

Trackman Master

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I am pleased to be recognised as a Trackman University Master. I use the world’s premier launch monitor to help improve your game.

Online Lessons

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Haven’t got time to travel for expert instruction? We can work on your game online.

No More Slices

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Video giving you a tried and tested system to eliminate your slice

Isle of Purbeck GC

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The Isle of Purbeck GC is one of the most picturesque golf clubs in the south of England
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