Philippe Bonfanti Golf

Golf Performance Coach - Dorset

Golf Training in Dorset for Elite Juniors

Training is tailored for high-performance junior athletes. Each golfer trains their golf skills on a one-to-one basis in preparation to play college golf or high-level competitive golf.

Philippe Bonfanti provides a high-performance golf system that combines expert golf training with a personalised approach to development.

There will be a focus on both competition and personal development, while your child learns to train and compete.

Benefits include:
Weekly lessons as required/needed
Training Diary and practice programming
Use of high-performance technology and coaching applications
Game-Plan strategising and implementation
Mental coaching and conditioning
Performance and practice tracking

Please enquire for details

Beginners and Intermediate Juniors

The primary goal of junior lessons is to create a fun environment and stimulate the interest of today’s junior golfers so they embrace the sport & continue to progress as they develop into the successful golfers of tomorrow. All juniors deserve the opportunity to become well-trained, athletic, confident competitors who excel in their chosen sport.

Under 16’s

30 minutes £25

60 minutes £50

Group Lessons on Saturdays also available

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