Philippe Bonfanti Golf

Golf Performance Coach - Dorset

Online Golf Lessons

The Skillest App has revolutionised online golf instruction and allows you to have 24/7 access to me wherever you are situated in the world.

It doesn't matter whether you have access to a driving range, a golf studio or a space in your garden to hit balls - if you can film it I can help you improve.

You will receive a personalised lesson pin pointing your weaknesses and prescribing exercises to help you improve. A typical lesson will last approximately 10 to 15 minutes but could vary depending on what needs to be addressed. The lesson turn around time will generally be 48 hours, usually less.

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Unlimited Monthly Plan - Limited Time Only Special Offer
US $99 /mo

Recurring billing, cancel anytime

  • Detailed video analysis of your golf swing using Skillest's analytical tool

  • Customised video of myself demonstrating exactly what you need to work on and how your swing/body will work

  • Customised drills that will help you integrate any changes required

  • Before and after comparison photos (Vs yourself and model swings)

  • 24/7 swing support

  • Practice plan creation and development

How to:

Download the Skillest app from your app store.

Film your swing from two angles: down the line and face on. High speed video is preferable and you can do this with almost all modern phones. Simply ensure that from face on you locate the camera at a 90˚ angle to the intended start direction of the shot and that from down the line you place the camera down the stance line. Try and locate the camera at chest height. The analysis will be much better if you are able to place your camera/phone on a tripod so that the video doesn't shake.

Upload your videos to the skillest app and once the analysis is completed you will receive a notification telling you it is ready for you to watch and start improving.

General advice:

Focus on a single piece at a time - it is easy to look at pictures and be tempted to make a myriad of changes. It is important to be disciplined and focus only on one area while leaving the rest for another time.

Comparison Pictures - This will allow you to monitor and measure your progress over time. Nothing beats seeing what an adjustment looks like.

Feel isn't real - An often repeated golf cliche that holds a lot of truth. Make sure you visually look at the change being made, especially at the beginning, until you get a feel for it.

Next Step:

If you would like to start working with me remotely, please contact me via the Skillest app.

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