Which Golfer Hit a Draw

Can you make an educated guess? In which of these two pictures did the golfer play a draw?

page1image2384 page1image2552
A on the left B on the right

These two shots are taken from a recent golf lesson where the pupil was struggling to hit draws and instead hitting shots that started and curved too far to the right.

You were correct if you answered picture B. Hopefully you weren’t fooled by the rolling of the forearms that can be seen in picture A as this look is sometimes incorrectly associated with hitting a draw. The tell tale signs of a draw to look out for in the right picture include the following:

The belt buckle is moving upwards more (notice the straighter legs)
The spine is extending more (notice the chest points to the sky)
The re-hinging of the wrists is slower (notice the club shaft isn’t perpendicular to the ground)

You can see the numbers for the two shots below, a 25 yard deflected slice on the left and an 8 yard push-draw on the right.

page1image13088 IMG_0258a

If you know what to look for and upgrade your swing in the right areas, your ball flight, trackman numbers and scores on the course can change dramatically in a very short amount of time.